No Account Exists for account Type Cost for the project, AX2012

when user are transferring the project Quotation to new project, user might be getting an error.


1.Check the item/Expenses might not have the project Category.
2.Check the project Group – ledger posting Profile. ( cost account)



Start Date of Project cannot be updated since earlier hour forecasts exist. AX2012

AX Error : Start Date of Project cannot be updated since earlier hour forecasts exist. AX2012

When user try to change any field at project master, AX gives an error as shown above.

project error

Solution :

For the above error Microsoft has release an hotfix : KB 3040479

KB 3040479 - This will allow hours forecasts to be entered with dates before the project actual start date, preventing an infolog stating “Start date of project ____ cannot be updated since earlier hour forecasts exist”.


HotFix for AX2012 for project Module.

Dynamics AX 2012 R2

KB 3040477 - If a vendor invoice with a project is using financial dimensions from the vendor instead of the invoice line when posting definitions are enabled, this will use the dimensions from the invoice line.

KB 3040102 - This will enable the ability to correct project item requirement packing slips.

KB 3038625 - If an error stating “Number sequence 0 does not exist” when eliminating and investment project to a fixed asset, this should ensure the number sequence is found.

KB 3037026 - This will default the project category on supplemental items on a project sales order, resolving the error “The project category for this item is missing”.

KB 3040482 - If you post a credit note for an invoice that has been deducted by payment retention, this will insure the credit note for the invoice has correctly calculated amounts.

KB 3041137 - If you have an “Opportunity” in sales and marketing that was entered by an employee that is terminated, this will allow you to edit the opportunity.

KB 3040498 - This one will allow you to post project item transaction adjustments without an infolog stating “The iterator does not designate a valid element”

KB 3040479 - This will allow hours forecasts to be entered with dates before before the project actual start date, preventing an infolog stating “Start date of project ____ cannot be updated since earlier hour forecasts exist”.

KB 3041167 - On a “Case” in the “Home” module, this will ensure only purchases orders and sales orders related to the association are displayed.

KB 3038664 - This will exclude vendor invoices with “pay when paid” to be excluded from payment proposals.

KB 3041637 - If a warehouse is defined as site specific order settings for sales orders, sales prices will be taken from trade agreements on item requirements after this hotfix.

KB 3037297 - On a new “Party” record, this will allow the grid under the “Relationships” fast-tab to retain information on refresh (F5).

KB 3042619 - If you personalize the “Posted project transactions” list page to add the field “Line property”, this will allow filtering by that field, as well as insure the “Invoice status” on this list page populates for non-chargeable item and expense transactions.

KB 3040767 - If the “Voucher transactions” form is not showing the entry for project adjustment transactions involving service items, this will correct this.

KB 3041634 - On item requirements linked to purchase order lines with a receipt date not equal to the current date will ensure the item requirement posting uses the correct date.

KB 3040101 - If you adjust sales tax by adding a sales tax transaction on a general journal, this will ensure the correct project sales price amount.

KB 3037295 - This should resolve an error stating “Could not load file or assembly” on various pages in Enterprise Portal.

KB 3043003 - If the project timesheet parameter for “Require start/stop time” is checked, this will ensure that “External comments” are retained on the timesheet line’s “Line details” fast-tab.


Dynamics AX 2012 R3

KB 3042983 - If a worker is linked to a task in the work breakdown structure, this hotfix will ensure the workers assigned to a project remain on the project validation worker assignment form.

KB 3042978 - From the “Posted project transactions” list page, if the “View voucher” button on the action pane shows transactions from another project, install this fix.

KB 3038660 - This allows you to change the project contract ID on a project after item requirements are made, and avoids the error “Cannot create a record in Addresses (LogisticsPostalAddress).”

KB 3042976 - If you see double tax lines on project budget status form, this should correct the tax postings.

KB 3040761 - This will prevent the consumed posting method of project production from creating a negative line on project transactions if the “Report as finished” creates more items than started.

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The Local Machine time Zone does not match your preferred time zone settings,AX 2012 Error

TIME ZONE MISMATCH : The Local Machine time Zone does not match your preferred time zone settings, AX 2012 Error

In AX,User find this error while login in AX.


Cause  :

This error comes,because there is two time zone mapped in ax, we can see the time Zone by following the given path :

AX – File(Up left hand size) –  Tools – session date and Time.


Solution :

Change the Session Date by following the below given path :

AX – File(Up left hand size) –  Option :- General Tab – Miscellaneous section.

Change the Preferred Time Zone ;


Now if you open the first screen, then you will be able to see the changes.




Number sequence 0 does not exist at project Invoice proposal in Ax2012

sometimes when user try to post the Project invoice proposal, AX gives an error as  ‘ Number Sequence 0 Does not Exist “,as shown below

Retaintion error1

This error mainly comes due to Customer Retention
This Invoice which user is trying to post will be having the retention amount.
This error mainly comes due to not mapping the Fee journal at project parameter.
Fee Journal must be created at project journal names, please below the above path.
1. Fee journal defined. (Project management and accounting -> Setup -> Journals -> Journal Names.
Fee Journal voucher must be selected at project Journal parameter
2. A default Fee Journal is specified in project setup. (Project management and accounting -> setup -> Project management and accounting parameters. Journals tab- Default Journals names -Fees)

Retaintion error


Workflow – work item Subject in ax2012

Workflow Form in AX 2012.

Where workflow : work item Subject and Instructions is Used In AX2012

Workflow In AX2012

Online Microsoft Dynamics Learning Portal

Microsoft Dynamics Learning Portal

Changing the Decimal Places to More than 2, in AX2012

In AX2012, By default system accept two decimal places but if user want to change the decimal places to more than 2 than there are few setting need to be changed at operating System instead of AX, as AX store the financial data up to 16 decimal places.

Step to increase the decimal places :

login to server – Control Panel -click on language.

Click on Change Date Time or number Format.

Click on Additional Setting

Change the Decimal places to 3 ( if user want to use three decimal places in AX)

SETP 2 :

Login to AX – GL- Setup -Currency.

Change the Currency Round Up to “.001″ ( AX to accept 3 Decimal Places)


Changing Decimal Places or Quantity In Microsoft AX

To change the number of decimal places in Microsoft Axapta 2012, follow these steps:
[ Note : the below example are given for Four Decimal Places, user can be can the same for more than 2 decimal places ]
1. Change the NoOfDecimals property of the AmountCur and Qty ExtendDataTypes to 4.
2. To do this, follow these steps:
a. Open the Axapta Object Table (AOT) by pressing CTRL-D on the keyboard.
b. Click Data Dictionary, and then click Extended Data Types.
c. Locate the AmountCur and Qty fields, and then change the NoOfDecimals property to 4.
d. Save the changes that you made in the AOT.
3. Change the round-off value for the exchange rates. To do this, follow these steps:
Path : Main Menu window -> General Ledger -> Setup -> click Exchange Rates.
a. Select the Currency -> Click the Round-off tab.
b. Set the round-off value to .0001 on all four modules. These are the following:
• General
• Sales Order
• Purchase Order
• Prices
Note You may have to expand the window to see all four modules.
The AmountCur ExtendDataType is used for pricing, and the Qty ExtendDataType is used for quantity amounts. When you change the NoOfDecimals property to 4, all fields and controls that are using these ExtendDataTypes are changed globally. The user can then type values with up to four decimal places.

When you change the round-off value, the value that the user types is saved correctly to the database. Make sure that you add enough zeros for the NoOfDecimals property that you specified. You must make sure to correctly set the NoOfDecimals property so that all four decimal places are used. For example, if you leave the round-off value at .0100, the Net Amount on a purchase order will be rounded to two decimals instead of four.

To make the changes to the decimal place visible for Production sessions and for Master Planning sessions, follow these steps:
1. In the Main Menu window, click Basic, click Setup, click Units, and then click Units.
2. Locate the unit of measure that you want to affect.
In the Decimals field, type 4.

Vendor Prepayment after Purchase order Confirmation. AX2012

Vendor Prepayment after Purchase order Confirmation.

In Standard Microsoft Dynamics AX2012, we cannot create the Prepayment if the Purchase order is in confirmed stage and system gives an error that Prepayment can be created if the purchase order is in Draft stage.

This error comes if we have activate the Print Change Management.

Solution: to overcome this issue.

Only we have to comment the, if Statement and the above Prepayment Functionality will work and we can create the prepayment invoice after we confirmed the Purchase order.

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