How to Add A New Field in AX Form : AX 2009 & AX 2012

Open the AX form where You want to Add a New Field and follow the given Step :



For Example we are adding a new field at sales order Form


Step 1 : Go to Accounts receivable -> Common –>Sales Order Details.


  1. Right Click on the Form and Select Personalize
  2. Make sure the selection is changed in table Sales orders to:


  1. Click the Application Object Tree toolbar button.


  1. Goto to AOT Table :
  2. Open Sales Table -> Field -> Create a new Field. [Truck No]
  3. Compile & Restore.
  4. Open the Form where u want the field
  5. Data source ? table

[Note ? If Field which we have created does not display In Data source-table, and then restore the Form]

  1. Open Design -> Tab- just drags the field and placed in the tab.







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