AX 2012 Error :Fields in isConsolidation Company in table “companyinfo” has not been explicilty selected

AX2012 usually through an error as “Fields in isConsolidation Company in table “companyinfo” has not been explicilty selected”
the main reason for this is when we create a company we usually check the below checkbox.
just uncheck the box.

Sometimes this check box is unmarked and un-editable and even than we receive the same error as mention above.

The reason is that in SQL table system store “NULL” Value at field and due to this reason we get an error.

If you open the CompanyInfo Table from AOT we will be able to see that this field has value “retrieved” value and it is uneditable field.

The only solution is open your SQL Server and search for table called “dbo.DirPartyTable” and field as “IsConsolidationCompany” and Change the value from NULL to 0 (ZERO). ( the companyinfo table is not exist in  SQL and all the information is stored at DirPartyTable.

Save the Table and close the SQL and try again to pass a transaction in AX.



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