Workflow in AX2012

Please follow the Step for creating a Workflow in AX 2012.

1. Path: XYZ ->Procurement and sourcing -> Setup -> Procurement and sourcing workflows

Form name: Workflows


Click On Workflow -> New -> New button.

Click on New Button on Workflows form.

Select the workflow template from below screen

For Purchase order, select Purchase order workflow

Form name: Create workflow


Click on Create Workflow

Form name: Purchase order workflow


Below Screen is the workflow design form where user has to design the workflow template

If you want to put any condition in the workflow than we use conditional decision.

Suppose take an example

If PO amount is more than 5000 AED than it has to go for an approval to A or else to B.

Click the Workflow -> Modify element -> Basic Settings button.

Select the Purch ID so that when approval come to Person A, it can see the purchase order No.

Drag and drop the Approve purchase order form to workflow

Click the Workflow -> Modify step -> Assignment button.

Select the user option and add user by selecting from left option to right

To move to original window press Workflow -> Navigate -> Level up button.

Over all workflow diagram :


once we have created the workflow we have to make it active and default so that when a purchase order is created the approval process must be activated.


Most Important Point.

We have to check theĀ  “Activate Change Management” at Parameter, so as to activate the Purchase approval process in Purchase order form

Path : Procurement & Sourcing -> Setup ->Procurement & Sourcing Parameters.
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