Voucher DM/PINV/16/000001 is already used as of date 5/10/2016. in Ax2012

When user is trying to post the purchase order invoice in AX, system gives the following error :

ERROR : Voucher PINV/16/000001 is already used as of date 5/10/2016.



The above error is due to same PO Invoice number is used in other transaction.
user might have create two number sequence but the prefix/Postfix might be similar to both number sequence.
for example :
In this case number has created two different number sequence one for project invoice and other for purchase invoice.
example :
PO invoice :- PINV/16/######
Project invoice :- PINV/16/######

Now in this case user has to change the prefix in one of the number sequence and then it will work fine.


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