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Changing Decimal Places or Quantity In Microsoft AX

To change the number of decimal places in Microsoft Axapta 2012, follow these steps:
[ Note : the below example are given for Four Decimal Places, user can be can the same for more than 2 decimal places ]
1. Change the NoOfDecimals property of the AmountCur and Qty ExtendDataTypes to 4.
2. To do this, follow these steps:
a. Open the Axapta Object Table (AOT) by pressing CTRL-D on the keyboard.
b. Click Data Dictionary, and then click Extended Data Types.
c. Locate the AmountCur and Qty fields, and then change the NoOfDecimals property to 4.
d. Save the changes that you made in the AOT.
3. Change the round-off value for the exchange rates. To do this, follow these steps:
Path : Main Menu window -> General Ledger -> Setup -> click Exchange Rates.
a. Select the Currency -> Click the Round-off tab.
b. Set the round-off value to .0001 on all four modules. These are the following:
• General
• Sales Order
• Purchase Order
• Prices
Note You may have to expand the window to see all four modules.
The AmountCur ExtendDataType is used for pricing, and the Qty ExtendDataType is used for quantity amounts. When you change the NoOfDecimals property to 4, all fields and controls that are using these ExtendDataTypes are changed globally. The user can then type values with up to four decimal places.

When you change the round-off value, the value that the user types is saved correctly to the database. Make sure that you add enough zeros for the NoOfDecimals property that you specified. You must make sure to correctly set the NoOfDecimals property so that all four decimal places are used. For example, if you leave the round-off value at .0100, the Net Amount on a purchase order will be rounded to two decimals instead of four.

To make the changes to the decimal place visible for Production sessions and for Master Planning sessions, follow these steps:
1. In the Main Menu window, click Basic, click Setup, click Units, and then click Units.
2. Locate the unit of measure that you want to affect.
In the Decimals field, type 4.

Vendor Prepayment after Purchase order Confirmation. AX2012

Vendor Prepayment after Purchase order Confirmation.

In Standard Microsoft Dynamics AX2012, we cannot create the Prepayment if the Purchase order is in confirmed stage and system gives an error that Prepayment can be created if the purchase order is in Draft stage.

This error comes if we have activate the Print Change Management.

Solution: to overcome this issue.

Only we have to comment the, if Statement and the above Prepayment Functionality will work and we can create the prepayment invoice after we confirmed the Purchase order.

Comment the Following code :)



Vendor payment:

Vendor payment transaction, generally we make the payment to vendor based on the open Invoice which are pending for Payment.

In this Case we have to create a line at General Voucher and have to select the Invoice which need to be Settle against that Payment


  1. Select the Company -> Account Payable from the Address bar by clicking the navigation path arrows.
  2. Click Area Page node: Account Payable-> journal -> Payment Journal
  1. Click the New button.
  2. Select the Journal Type based on the entry which user is going to perform based on the option given below.
  3. Select the Date of posting (By default system automatically show the current date.)
  4. Voucher number is displayed which comes automatically and user don’t have the right to change.
  5. Select the account type.(automatically it will of type “Vendor”)
  6. Select vendor
    • Select the Vendor from the drop down list.
    • Optional – enter the Description if you want to record details about the voucher.

9.  OPTION 1 : Invoice need to be settle with invoice than in that case, please follow the below instruction :

  • Click on Function – Settlement (A new form will get open with all the Open invoice for the particular Vendor which you have selected at point no 4. Above)

Select the invoice by clicking on Mark Column which you want to make payment (more than one invoice can be selected at one time)        Credit amount will automatically will appear (which will be equal to the open invoice which you have selected.

10.  OPTION 2: Advance or On Account Payment:

For Advance Payment, We have to enter the Debit amount which we are going to pay to the vendor ( Note : Enter in DEBIT Side if   Vendor is Selected at Account Type (point 3) or Enter value at CREDIT Side if vendor is selected at Offset Account)

11. For Advance Payment, it is not mandatory but to select the Prepayment Journal voucher to Separate the Advance payment voucher from settlement voucher)

13.Payment Tab- Payment – Prepayment Journal Voucher (as shown below)

  • Select the Bank Account against which you want to make entries.

2)      Enter the bank Transaction type and by default it will come Cheque.

5)       Optional – Click on Validate to validate the and transaction

6)       Click on Post (to post the transaction in ledger account)

12.To take a print of the Voucher Click on PRINT – Journal – OK



Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R2 Demo Virtual Machine- download

Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R2 Demo VM and Solution Demos is now released and available for download.

You can download from Partner Source.


Number sequence has been exceeded error AX 2012

When Posting the Purchase Invoice AX is giving an error message as “number sequence has been exceeded error AX 2012


Solution :

This error usually come when the number Sequence reached the highest number.

if you see in the error, you will find that system is not showing any number Sequence name,so as to identify the number Sequence Group.

The only way to find the Number Sequence Name is go to AOT (ctrl+D)

Open the table called ” Number Sequence Table”

number sequence error -invoice1.1

Type the number which is displayed at error message, in Recid Field, as shown above.

Now you can identify the number Sequence name as shown above which is marked in red. ( Number Sequence column).

just copy the number Sequence and go to

path : organization administration -> Common – Number Sequence -> Number Sequence

open the and paste the copied number sequence name in “Number Sequence Code column”, as shown below

number sequence error2.1 -invoice

edit the Number Sequence and increase the highest number to some big number as required by you.




Unable to see the workflow Bar at Purchase Order form in AX2012

Workflow bar will not be displayed at purchase order form even if you have design the workflow template ,activated the template and make it default.

Solution : To make it active at purchase order form you have to check the checkbox Named as : “Activate Change Management”

Path : Procurement & Sourcing -> Setup -> Procurement & Sourcing -> “Activate Change Management.

New Microsoft Word Document

Ledger Account Combination is not valid Error in AX 2012

Ledger account Combination does not match the Journal control Setup in AX 2012

While posting the invoice journal AX 2012 is through an error.


Solution: when you get this error while posting the journal, just follow the step to rectify

Go to Journal Names

Path: GL -> Setup -> Journal -> Journal Names

Click on Journal control as shown below and delete the line.




Price Discount in AX ERP

Price Discount IN AX

Account Number for Transaction Type Customer Balance Does not Exist. AX2012

In Ax 2012 we usually get this Error :Account Number for Transaction Type Customer Balance Does not Exist. AX2012

Accounting structure error

Solution : This error is due to Accounting Structure, either the account structure is not active or it has not included in Ledger Form.

If it has not included in ledger form than add the Accounting structure at ledger form and recalculate the Dimension Balance.

Now if you pass the transaction system will not through any Error

Enjoy :)