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Management Reporter (MR2012) Exchange Currency Rate Issue, AX2012

When Ever we create a Financial Report through Management Reporter  and Run time we have the option to view the Report with different Currency, but there few setting which we have to keep in mind while configuring the MS AX 2012.

Step 1:
GL – Common – Main Account
Please select the Exchange Rate Type and Current as given below.

Based on the below setting,MR reporter will exchange the Accounting currency into different Reporting currency.


We can run the Report based on AX accounting Currency and Reporting Currency.

Secondly : When we create a consolidation Report and Used different Company for consolidation than in that case it is very useful because base on the above configuration, MR Report will convert the accounting Currency  to MR Reporting Currency.



Management Reporter for Microsoft Dynamics ERP (MR2012) known issues,AX2012

Management Reporter for Microsoft Dynamics ERP known issues

Hotfix : Hotfix: Overview
Management Reporter 2012 CU8 for Microsoft Dynamics ERP 2.1.8001.0

1033123 – “Record level exception” error may occur for many/all Fact transactions during DDM integration
1063812 – Currency translation not working when multiple companies with different segment names are used with Dynamics GP DDM
Management Reporter 2012 CU7 for Microsoft Dynamics ERP 2.1.7044.43

27687 – Transactions are missing when update occurs during integration with Dynamics SL DDM
811970 – Operating Unit dimensions will not integrate with Organizational Hierarchies if the default name of the operating unit dimension is changed
865243 – Fiscal Year map can produce a SQL query with more than 2100 parameters and encounter a SQL limitation
877367 – The SQL Tempdb database can grow excessively while running the Fact task during the DDM integration
881381 – Consolidated report containing companies with different functional currencies may fail
Management Reporter 2012 CU6 for Microsoft Dynamics ERP 2.1.6041.36

794670 – Unable to assign groups to security assignments in Report Library with CU6
816947 – Drilling into transaction detail fails with a period 1 PERIODIC column and YTD column
Management Reporter 2012 RU5 for Microsoft Dynamics ERP 2.1.1037.15

685055 – Management Reporter Configuration Console will not show DDM integration if Email Notifications are used with RU5
Management Reporter 2012 RU4 for Microsoft Dynamics ERP 2.1.1033.30

569501 – Transactions missing with Dynamics GP Data Mart (see KB 2831693)
Management Reporter 2012 RU3 for Microsoft Dynamics ERP 2.1.1032.3

425679 – Incorrect financial level balances with GP DDM
415611 – Report Designer closes unexpectedly when creating a column layout with Dynamics GP 2010 Data Mart if a currency has a blank ISO code (see KB 2792806)
405245 – Microsoft Management Reporter 2012 RU3 returns incorrect AA budget data when the Dynamics GP Data Mart is used (see KB 2792324)
Management Reporter 2012 RU2 for Microsoft Dynamics ERP 2.1.1030.2

351972 – Underlined cells do not export properly to Excel when a blank value is present
352687 – Dynamics AX 2012 Data Mart can load duplicate balance entries when consolidation process is re-run
352688 – Dynamics AX 2012 Data Mart can load duplicate opening balance entries when a year-end close process is run more than once
353136 – Account sort order is incorrect when an account only has a budget amount in the Data Mart
354690 – Renumber rows only changes related formulas if the format code is TOT or CAL
Management Reporter 2012 RU1 for Microsoft Dynamics ERP 2.1.1028.0

488865 – Multiple Dimension Filters in the same column filter does not correctly restrict dimensions
488889 – Unable to detect Dynamics AX 2012 virtual companies
488861 – Report Designer closes unexpectedly when attempting to edit a cell that has non-default text copied from another cell
488799 – Report Designer closes unexpectedly when attempting to open a report for a company that the user does not have access to
488863 – “Object reference not set to an instance of an object” error occurs when attempting to export a report generated in Management Reporter and upgraded to Management Reporter 2012
488900 – Report Viewer opens slowly with a large number of reports and versions
488862 – Using a Dimension Value Set along with another dimension in that row may cause duplicate amounts
488942 – Using a Dimension Value Set may ignore values of other segments in the row
Management Reporter for Microsoft Dynamics ERP 2.0.1700.66 (SP2 Update)
484938 – MR Performance with Dynamics AX decreases with the use of Trees.
Management Reporter for Microsoft Dynamics ERP 2.0.1700.31 (SP2)
483850 – The Generate Report button hangs (unresponsive) when report has multiple rows.
482131 – The company calendar couldn’t be retrieved from Dynamics AX 2009 when multiple years have closing periods in the same year.
484501 – Unable to run reports for companies other than the default company for Dynamics AX 2009.
483621 – Unposted data will show incorrectly with Dynamics GP for YTD columns
484631 – Wildcards in ranges return incorrect data for Dynamics AX 2012.
484460 – Unable to load the calendar in Dynamics AX 2012 if more than one period is in the same month.
480002 – Some attribute filters with transaction detail return zero for totals with Dynamics AX.
483478 – When using CPO in a “Financial Dimension + Worksheet” link the CPO will only return results for the first column.
475151 – Error logging into a company when an AA dimension has the same name as an account segment in Dynamics GP.
472368 – Error logging into a company when a User Defined field has the same name as an account segment in Dynamics GP.
470555 – When you run the Migration Wizard in Validate Only mode, cached credentials prevent validation.
470284 – Explicit dimensions are not written to the XBRL instance document.
470005 – The Designer must be restarted for style changes to take effect.
427786 – XBRL notes and footnotes are not written to the XBRL instance document.
Microsoft Forecaster Data Transfer Tool
476528 – Forecaster Data Transfer Tool throws incorrect syntax error when a database exists with a hypen character.