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Vendor payment:

Vendor payment transaction, generally we make the payment to vendor based on the open Invoice which are pending for Payment.

In this Case we have to create a line at General Voucher and have to select the Invoice which need to be Settle against that Payment


  1. Select the Company -> Account Payable from the Address bar by clicking the navigation path arrows.
  2. Click Area Page node: Account Payable-> journal -> Payment Journal
  1. Click the New button.
  2. Select the Journal Type based on the entry which user is going to perform based on the option given below.
  3. Select the Date of posting (By default system automatically show the current date.)
  4. Voucher number is displayed which comes automatically and user don’t have the right to change.
  5. Select the account type.(automatically it will of type “Vendor”)
  6. Select vendor
    • Select the Vendor from the drop down list.
    • Optional – enter the Description if you want to record details about the voucher.

9.  OPTION 1 : Invoice need to be settle with invoice than in that case, please follow the below instruction :

  • Click on Function – Settlement (A new form will get open with all the Open invoice for the particular Vendor which you have selected at point no 4. Above)

Select the invoice by clicking on Mark Column which you want to make payment (more than one invoice can be selected at one time)        Credit amount will automatically will appear (which will be equal to the open invoice which you have selected.

10.  OPTION 2: Advance or On Account Payment:

For Advance Payment, We have to enter the Debit amount which we are going to pay to the vendor ( Note : Enter in DEBIT Side if   Vendor is Selected at Account Type (point 3) or Enter value at CREDIT Side if vendor is selected at Offset Account)

11. For Advance Payment, it is not mandatory but to select the Prepayment Journal voucher to Separate the Advance payment voucher from settlement voucher)

13.Payment Tab- Payment – Prepayment Journal Voucher (as shown below)

  • Select the Bank Account against which you want to make entries.

2)      Enter the bank Transaction type and by default it will come Cheque.

5)       Optional – Click on Validate to validate the and transaction

6)       Click on Post (to post the transaction in ledger account)

12.To take a print of the Voucher Click on PRINT – Journal – OK