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Voucher not specified As of “05/8/2019″ while posting Invoice Journal In AX 2012/ D365

While Posting a statement from point of sales (AX/D365).
User get an error as “Voucher not specified As of “05/8/2019″ while posting Invoice Journal In AX 2012″.

Reason : the resaon of getting this error is user might selected “Number allocation at Posting” at journal number of customer Names.
statement posting

Creation of credit Note on same Sales order which is Imvoiced, in D365

There is an option in “Accounts receivable parameters” within the ‘Updates’ tab named as ‘Safety level of invoice orders’, check this field whether it is mentioned “locked” or not. Thus if it’s mentioned locked you can’t edit or make changes to any fully invoiced sales orders. That would be the reason why you can’t edit the invoiced lines while creating a credit note.

Upload Account Structure in D365 Through Data management

User can Upload the Account Structure in D365 through Data management Utilities.

1st : To Create the account structure Header, we have user the data Entities ” Account Structure”.
Such as in account strucutre, what are the dimension we are going to use.

account structure1

2nd : To Enter the Account and dimension value in account structure, we have to use the data Entities ” Account Structure Allowed Value”

account structure2


Create a business unit value in D365

Kinldy follow the below path to create a new value in:
1. Business Unit
2. Department
3. Cost Center

Path : Organization administration > Organization > Operating Units.



Azure VPC Connection


Workflow – work item Subject in ax2012

Workflow Form in AX 2012.

Where workflow : work item Subject and Instructions is Used In AX2012

Workflow In AX2012

Online Microsoft Dynamics Learning Portal

Microsoft Dynamics Learning Portal

Encumbrance & Pre- Encumbrance in AX2012



When we activate the encumbrance process at GL Parameter, when we post the purchase order than all the transaction are gets recorded at Encumbrance table

Encumbered Value on a purchase order are released when a vendor invoice is posted to spend all or part of the encumbered amount. Released amounts are subtracted from the value of the purchase order encumbrance.

Pre- Encumbrance

A pre-encumbrance is a process of request to reserve funds for planned expenditures i.e., purchase requisition. The funds have been requested, but have not yet been approved for a purchase order. If the pre-encumbrance process is activated, you can create purchase requisitions with a pre-encumbered amount for the planned Expenses.

The pre-encumbrance amount will be released and transferred to PO once the PR is approved and converted to purchase order